[Air-L] AoIR 8.0: Fans of a Feather

dmsutko at ncsu.edu dmsutko at ncsu.edu
Wed Oct 17 20:14:37 PDT 2007

Hi Everyone,

I hope you don't mind my take on the birds of a feather conference meetup.
:) I'm sure there are at least a few Boston and Cleveland fans that would
enjoy getting together for the baseball game tomorrow night. I checked
with Malone's Bar & Grill Downtown, and they say the game will be on.
Malone's is on the corner of W. Pender and Seymour streets, so it's just
down the road from both of the “major“ conference hotels. Google Maps here

Since the game starts at 5:00 (PST), I think we can just plan on meeting
at Malone's after the “birds of a feather“ sessions are done, around 6:00.
If you're coming, just wear your conference badge for a little while
longer, so we can all find each other.

Even if you don't like baseball, Malone's is a sports pub, so it'll have a
few different games on. It looks to be an all around good place to eat and
grab a beer, and I encourage you to come.

cheers (and go Sox!)


dan_sutko at ncsu.edu
TA - Public Speaking Program
RA - Mobile Gaming Research Lab
Dept. of Communication
North Carolina State University

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