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> Media Release
> Second Life Architecture Awards
> The constructed architectural spaces of Second Life share a  
> commonality
> with the exotic invisible cities of Italo Calvino. They are at once
> familiar yet completely otherworldly: inverted, fantastical,  
> corrupted,
> baroque and barren, unexpected, startling and compellingly seductive.
> They are both our present and our future.
> In September this year Dr Melinda Rackham, ANAT's Director and 3D  
> world
> author and theorist, was invited to join a 6 member international Jury
> assessing the Annual Second Life Architecture & Design Competition, a
> first of its kind, held at the 2007 Ars Electronica Festival in
> Austria.
> The jury deliberated over the 126 submissions before a live  
> audience at
> the Architekturforum Linz, while being simultaneously streamed into
> Second Life. Four outstanding projects, that took advantage of both  
> the
> artistic and technical possibilities afforded by Second Life were
> selected as finalists:
> · Berliner Tanja Meyle's "Living Cloud", is a semitransparent cloud
> that travels with her and provides privacy and sanctuary, a consistent
> need for an avatar in Second Life. The cloud surrounding her avatar
> Creatina Ferraris is not only a transportable house; its variability
> brings in an association with the idea that the house is just an
> extension of the body of the person who inhabits it.
> · From San Francisco, DC Spensley creates "Full Immersion
> Hyperformalism" an usual and innovative user interface, constructed to
> allow an avatar to view a fine art exhibition. This structure is
> defined as "less a building than a spatial interface containing
> numerous abstracted and interactive possibilities".
> · Adam Nash's "17 Unsung Songs" allows avatars to be physically
> immersed in interactive sound scapes, constructions that create a
> tension within their Australian parkland environment. Here audiovisual
> elements undergo spatial modification via avatar interaction giving
> rise to a new aesthetic and sensory spatial construct.
> · Conceptually and technically innovative is "White Noise", a work  
> from
> Vienna based Max Moswitzer. This experiment in non-human architecture
> utilises the detritus of Second Life, freebie objects such as teddy
> bears and discarded skateboards, to construct a dazzling white
> snow-palace. This mishmashed building enfolds on multiple levels of
> detail and evokes the perfect domicile for the realm of Second Life.
> The selected projects are presented online (www.sl-award.com) where  
> the
> public are invited to vote for their favourite project. The winner
> receives a 1,000-euro grand prize, which will be awarded on 25 October
> 2007 at the prize ceremony, which includes discussions and a party at
> Zollverein, Essen, the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site.
> Dr Melinda Rackham comments, "ANAT is committed to enabling artists to
> work critically with emerging forms of practice, and the virtual
> terrains of Second Life are indicative of trends that will become
> important in future virtual 3D platforms".
> For more information visit www.anat.org.au.
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