[Air-L] iCS & open access etc (c.f. Willinsky AoIR keynote)

Ben Anderson benander at essex.ac.uk
Sat Oct 20 14:50:02 PDT 2007

<declaration of interest>
I review for iCS and have published in it and I was just in a bar in  
Downtown Vancouver with one of iCS's co-editors (Brian Loader) who  
missed the keynote as he had to write an iCS editorial this morning!
</declaration of interest>

For those not at AoIR Axel Bruns has already blogged a comprehensive  
note on the talk content:


(which perhaps underplays the extent to which John used iCS as a  
'straw man')

I have published a number of pieces via Taylor & Francis (e.g. via  
Routledge books, iCS) and Wiley which have used the JISC/SURF  
copyright model. This does NOT transfer copyright to the publisher  
but gives them a non-exclusive license to publish and gives the  
author a default right to deposit in an institutional archive  
IMMEDIATELY ON PUBLICATION or (if need be) after an agreed period  
(maximum of 6 months). Ok, so they still keep the revenue but...

I would strongly encourage all authors to push their publishers to  
use this model, many are moving towards it and will listen if you  
make the request. Publishers will point out that in not transferring  
copyright it is then up to you (or your institution) to pursue  
breaches of copyright. I think we all have to make a judgement on  
cost/benefit of that.

If the first publisher on your list does not listen, vote with your  

More info (including a link to a template) here:



I'm aware that it is a UK/NL effort and may not transfer - or perhaps  
it will?



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