[Air-L] Representations of spirituality in digital culture

Bull, Bernard Bernard.Bull at cuw.edu
Wed Oct 24 14:13:00 PDT 2007

Greetings all!


I am new to the Association of Internet Researchers and this listserv.
I am already finding many useful insights and resources!


Also being new to life after doctoral studies, I am now hoping to become
active in research related to digital culture.  As it stands, three
general areas are of particular interest:


1)      Representations of spirituality in virtual worlds  

2)      Ethnographic research on online religious communities

3)      Formation of personal convictions in online environments and
transfer (or lack thereof) to face-to-face environments 


I am hoping to identify individuals who have similar interests as well
as current research projects that relate to one or more of these areas.
Any and all insights would be much appreciated.






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