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William Bain willronb at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 24 22:56:03 PDT 2007

Basically in reply to the posts suggesting that we should drop the string discussing David Watson's allegedly racist comments, I just wanted to note a couple of things. First, since I started the discussion, I don't feel like I should let this go without saying something. Second, and the main thing I wanted to say now: please recall that I did note that Watson had made a retraction, so that, in part, in large part, I thought the remainder of the discussion would be anti-racist comments and scientific examination of things related. I.e., not continuing naming. Finally, if the consensus is to stop talking about it, I'd just like to note that with anyone interested in exporing the last post of mine, I'd be hapypy to do so offlist. It is, as I obviously feel and as someone (sorry not to remember the name) suggested, not uninteresting. Finallly finally, it certainly wasn't my intention and isn't now to offend or go after anyone. I admire the work of the people I was answering,
 some of whom have put up info on internet research, software, philosophy and stuff that has helmeped my own work quite a lot. I was going to go on here and say something about "the type of criticism I do" etc etc, but I've lost my notes and anyway I said a couple of things. In the interest of democracy.
  Peace, Will

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Comparative Literature
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