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> Participation in the Age of Networking : Digital Ecosystems of  
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> Economic Participation in the Age of Networking :
> Digital Ecosystems of Knowledge, Business and Services
> Achievements of the first 3 years and future perspectives of the  
> collaborative
> EU research and development of Digital Business Ecosystems
> 7 November 2007, Bruxelles,  Borchette Centre
>  http://de-2007.eu
> 50. 50' 17" N        4. 22' 53.5" E
> This conference will show the achievements of the "Digital Business  
> Ecosystems" with its systemic approach, which empowers SMEs and  
> allows them to participate actively in the global economy,  
> exploiting all dimensions of dynamic collaboration and networking:  
> networking organisations, networking services, networking knowledge  
> and capacities.
> This conference is a major event of the digital ecosystem  
> community. It is a unique opportunity to meet the digital ecosystem  
> community, explore the achievements reached so far and get a view  
> of the future perspectives. I encourage you to attend and to pass  
> the information to anyone who may be interested.
> The open and distributed philosophy of digital buisness ecosystems  
> fosters innovation and local development, enables collaboration  
> between SMEs, and their integration in the global market. A  
> "digital ecosystem" of services, ideas and skills enables the  
> networking of knowledge, services and business actors and has to  
> be  supported by specific (necessarily distributed and open source)  
> technologies and infrastructures.  The cluster of   projects in  
> this research area, which provide  open source and creative common  
> results,  represents the  biggest co-funding of in open source  
> technologies made so far with the European Commisssion (with more  
> than 30M¤ of total common investment) .
> The Conference presents the tangible results and the innovative  
> potential of Digital Business Ecosystems research and development  
> achieved in 3-4 years, which enabled:
> - to define new technologies and paradigms based on people and  
> business networking able to self-organise and evolve
> - to forge applications and ideas
> - to develop working prototypes of evolutionary open and free  
> platforms
> - to transfer the research results and their adoption by regional  
> pilots
> - to form a vibrant scientific community and a network of pilot  
> regions
> - to engage SMEs in design and use of initial  applications.
> With this conference the European Commission celebrates the  
> achievements of the first phase of the Digital Ecosystems research  
> activities. The main achievements - in terms of research and in  
> terms of deployment - will be presented. Two round tables will  
> debate the future perspectives of the European Digital Ecosystems.
> Each session will be opened by high-level keynote speakers  
> providing an inspiring vision of the future and addressing the  
> challenges ahead for creating a favourable environment for SMEs in  
> a network-based economy. Keynote will be provided by the open  
> source champion Bruce Perens. Two round tables composed by Members  
> of the European Parliament and Regional policy makers will debate  
> the future perspectives for development.
> This conference, also be webcast, can accomodate up to  200  
> representatives from the research community and from European,  
> national and regional decision-makers. It will be translated and  
> recorded  in 5 European languages. Early registration is advised.
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> If you would like to subscribe or know more about the DE-2007  
> conference,
> please refer to the website  http://de-2007.eu
> The Digital Ecosystem Book, is on line at http://www.digital- 
> ecosystems.org/book/de-book2007.html
> A free paper copy can be requested at http://www.de-2007.eu/ 
> digital_ecosystems.html
> More information about digital ecosystems at http://www.digital- 
> ecosystems.org
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