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Sue Malta smalta at groupwise.swin.edu.au
Thu Oct 25 15:28:09 PDT 2007

Dear AIR-L members

Here is a link for those interested in the interface between technology and mobilizing communities.  Especially interesting for the AOIR researchers I met in Vancouver, who are looking at the role of the web (specifically wikis and blogs) in elections.  This link is for the upcoming Australian election:  www.getup.org.au/PromiseWatch

This is the blurb that was sent through:

"This election season you can log every campaign promise that is made. Whether you hear it at your local community hall, read it online or have it shoved into your letterbox, we want you to log it on our new site!

Together we can hold the future Prime Minister - and every other MP and Senator - accountable for promises made. As soon as the new government is formed the Promise Watch clock will start ticking and together we will make sure they deliver on a progressive Australia.


Here's how it works: Every time you hear, see, or read about a politician promising to do something - even if it's just to look into an issue when elected - go to our new wiki and log the promise, so that we can hold them to account."

I hope you find this interesting.

Kind regards

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