[Air-L] Discourse analysis of web site response compilation

Christopher A Jones christopher.a.jones at okstate.edu
Mon Oct 29 23:47:21 PDT 2007

Hello all, sorry for the delay. I have been having connectivity  
issues today.

Here is the compilation of all the responses I received. Again, thank  
you to all who contributed.

Donald Matheson, Media discourses: analysing media texts, Berkshire:  
University Press, 2005

paul teusner

Lots of fun things linked here, as well:


or here:


triangulate from the two, maybe?


Andre Brock (andre-brock at uiowa.edu) just completed a dissertation  
web sites relating to Hurricane Katrina, titled "Defining a Community  
and a
Culture: Racial Identity Production by African American and Mainstream


You might also find Kress' work on multimodality and reading images  

Kress, G.R. and van Leeuwen, T. (1996). Reading Images: the grammar of
graphic design. London: Routledge

Kress, G.R. and Van Leeuwen, T. (2002). Multimodal Discourse: the modes
and media of contemporary communication. London: Edward Arnold


Hi Christopher
Sorry for replying so late but my Universities email server has been  
done all weekend and I have only just
noticed your message.
My doctoral research involved a discourse analysis (using Foucauldian  
archaeology and genealogy methods,
with critical discourse analysis and sociolinguistics - somehow  
cobbled together) of the discourse of consumer
empowerment in e-commerce including a close analysis of the ninemsn  
(Australian portal) website.
Let me know if there is any help I can offer you as there wasn't an  
awful lot of available material when I was
conducting my study.
Dr Kylie Jarrett


chris jones

Christopher A Jones
Doctoral Student
Technical Communication & Rhetoric
Oklahoma State University

christopher.a.jones at okstate.edu

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