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QWERTY Journal of technology, culture, and education  Call for Papers

Qwerty is the commonly accepted name for the computer keyboard, comprising 
the first six letters of its top row. When typewriters were first 
introduced, the keys were arranged in alphabetical order. However this order 
meant that people typed too quickly such that the keys soon became 
entangled. To counter this, the keys were displayed in random order and 
typing speeds accordingly slowed down. In later years, despite the fact that 
the problem of speed had been completely overcome, the keyboard retained its 
random order. In our view, this represents an excellent metaphor for the 
entanglement of culture and technological tools.

The journal is a publication of the CKBG. Read more on the website: 

Accepted articles may concern research, reviews, educational experiences and 
practices, theory on topics such as:

- theories and models on the use of new technologies in training contexts;

- online training environments;

- learning models on the net;

- distance learning, e-learning, blended e-learning;

- analysis protocols for web forum interactions;

- methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis in the learning 
environment experimentation ;

- intersubjectivity on the net;

- technology to support collaborative projects amongst schools;

- collaborative learning through and in online environments;

- social and communicational aspects of the net;

- digital identities;

- virtual reality;

- artefacts within activity systems,

- new genres of communication and texts produced by technology;

- psychological, semiotic, and social aspects of technology innovation;

- technology to preserve and valorise the cultural patrimony;

- new media;

- off-line effects of online interactions and activities.

Other related topics will be also welcomed.


Articles in Italian, English, and French will be accepted.

Manuscripts should follow the APA style.

Full manuscripts should be sent to the following email address: 
qwerty at progedit.com

Submissions for 2008 are required by 31st January 2008, however manuscripts 
and proposals for special issues are welcomed throughout the year.

Further information is available at: www.ckbg.org

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