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It sounds to me like at the moment he's focussing on corruption of the
US democratic system by big business rather than pointing out problems
in other countries.  His point that we can't achieve a balanced IP
system (or for that matter tackle problems like climate change) until we
address the problem of corporate influence on policy making is a very
good one.  He's recently shifted his wording from 'corruption' to the
need for 'independent' government, which clarifies the argument a bit



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I think you are confusing my points about legal culture with the  
corruption issues and I wasn't saying anything about corruption  
really sorry if that wasn't clear.

I will possibly approach Lessig with an open mind for his new issue.

I really wasn't trying to say that Canada is  clean but I have to be  
careful here because I am a government employee. I will say that I am  
really against unfair or corrupt hiring practices in Ottawa ( the  
city, where many of us work in government) and I think I can say that  
corruption has existed and the popular record would show that(corrupt  
hiring) on a high public record level whereas the low level clerks  
like myself would pass unnoticed  because privacy laws would protect  
our employment records. But if it did exist would offend me.

You can say you want "fair laws" and that is I think universal  
between all cultures.

But to place Canada in a list with Pakistan is is not right given  
Pakistan is only recently moved out of most corrupt country status  
and the joke in Pakistan is apparently they can't even get that right  

a thorny issue I better go check what Lessig is saying but if I come  
back and say "oh another American pointing out how bad the rest of  
the world is" then my point will only be stronger. Just because the  
web makes things world wide does not make all issues global.

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On 9-Oct-07, at 6:54 PM, Margie Borschke wrote:

> On 10/10/2007, at 6:34 AM, air-l-request at listserv.aoir.org wrote:
>> For instance we don't have the same background of
>> libertarianism in Canada. We like our good government, peace and
>> order.
> Nice use of the 1960s cultural myth of Canada. The liberal party lost
> hold of government in the last election because of a corruption
> scandal. Money has a huge, often corrupting influence on politics in
> most countries.  Canada is no exception.

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