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Jillana jillana at jillana.net
Thu Oct 18 11:05:56 PDT 2007


I could fit you in our panel "those persistent boundaries" which is  
today at 1:50. that is, if Richard and/or Mia approve.

We have only two presentations, but, frankly, since both Radhika and  
I knew that, we've taken advantage of the extra time to make our  
presentations a bit longer. If you fit the topic (see the description  
on the program alphabetized under "t", you could still give a 15  
minute presentation.

For me to know this is okay by 1:30, please, Richard and/or Mia,  
shoot me an email or sms: 773 494-1837--Efrat, you too. Then, if it's  
set, Efrat, you probably want to announce it on this list as well as  
on facebook, etc.

best, jillana enteen
On Oct 18, 2007, at 10:34 AM, Efrat Ben-Yehuda wrote:

> Hello R
> It was good to see you today and I just wondered what would you think
> regarding my offer:
> I have missed the application dead line for presenting a paper  in
> this great conference, however, I am suggesting that if someone is
> not arriving, perhaps I can take the space and fill in the gap, - it
> will be great to gain the experience
> Thanks for your consideration
> Hope to see you in the panels
> Efrat
> On 13-Sep-07, at 3:33 PM, Richard Smith wrote:
>> Dear Air-ant academics,
>> If you thought you were going to get through the month of September
>> without a missive from me, you were sadly mistaken. I am here, as
>> always, to remind you that there are things relating to the
>> Association of Internet Research conference that you have to pay
>> attention to. Or, at least I HOPE you will pay attention to them. Not
>> much, as it turns out, is left unsaid and I think you can safely
>> assume that you won't hear from me again until I am toasting you at
>> the welcoming reception (Wednesday evening, October 17, first 100
>> people get a free beverage...).
>> OK, so why the email? Here are the remaining things, in order of
>> importance:
>> If you have a paper accepted and it is in the schedule then you MUST
>> register AND show up. We really don't want a bunch of last minute
>> cancellations at the last minute. Please. Professional courtesy - to
>> us as organizers, and to your colleagues who may have come from
>> around the world to see you - requires that you withdraw if you can't
>> make it. If you are *not* going to be there - and you surely must
>> know by now - then send Mia an email and she can take you off the
>> program and I can cancel that lovely cappuccino and cake that we had
>> saved for you. Not to mention the slice of pie we've been keeping in
>> the back of the fridge. The teenagers want it!
>> The schedule is on the wiki (check out http://wiki.aoir.org) and it
>> contains your paper, slotted into a presentation (if you submitted a
>> paper and had it accepted, that is). Check the listing. Make sure we
>> have your name spelled correctly. Is your title correct? We will be
>> printing what you see in that spreadsheet, so don't be shy if you
>> think there is a mistake. And if you don't think you should be listed
>> (because you aren't coming, see above, then let us know now).
>> Although this is in the web site and must have been mentioned here a
>> few times, let's get this in, just in case you have forgotten. The
>> conference is in downtown Vancouver, CANADA, at the Vancouver campus
>> of Simon Fraser University. The street address is 515 West Hastings
>> Street, V6B 5K3. You can tell any cab driver "Hastings and Seymour"
>> or "Hastings and Richards St" and he /she will get you there. The
>> Delta Hotel is right across the street and the Ramada is around the
>> corner ("Ramada,on Pender near Richards St" you can tell your cab
>> driver and look like a local).
>> If you haven't booked your hotel yet, do it soon. I hear there are
>> only 10 rooms left at the Delta. You will want a place to stay in
>> Vancouver. Have you been watching the Pacific North West's weather
>> (sunny and warm for the past 10 days) on the weather channel and
>> thinking you'll sleep in the park? Don't count on it. We'll have a
>> rain storm for sure, then. Get a nice room, spoil yourself. You know
>> you want to.
>> PIE:
>> If you haven't discovered it already, there if a Facebook group
>> dedicated to the conference and another group dedicated just to *pie*
>> at the conference. You might think this is a silly thing, and
>> entirely frivolous, but then you'd be .... correct. It is silly. But
>> silly and sweet aren't necessarily mutually exclusive, and you will
>> find the pie group friendly, fun, and ready for a big feed. There is
>> a rumour that people who show up early (Tues evening) can get treated
>> to some great pie, courtesy of the conference organizer. I don't know
>> how that rumour got started, but I am packing a bib and a fork in my
>> luggage. If you get in early, get in touch (SMS, Skype, email...
>> whatever).
>> If you have them, then ask. Don't be afraid. Don't worry that my
>> email box is filling up (of *course* my email box is filling up), I
>> am a professional. I can handle it. If you get to town and don't know
>> where you are or what you're doing, give me a call. Here is my cell
>> phone: 604 715 9916. Regular phone and skype are in the signature,
>> below.
>> That's all for now, folks. See you in October.
>> ...r
>> --
>> Richard Smith, Professor, School of Communication
>> Simon Fraser University, 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, CANADA
>> V6B 5K3
>> New phone number: +1 778 782 5116 Web: http://www.sfu.ca/~smith/
>> Skype - callto://richard_k_smith
>> New book: http://arago.cprost.sfu.ca/smith/mawc
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