[Air-L] racist comments by James Watson?

Marcela Musgrove mmusgrove at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 12:08:01 PDT 2007

Oh wow. This article was a very interesting read, especially after all
the research I have been doing into biopsychiatry and the fieldwork I
have just completed which showed me how much it is being abused in the
current American mental health system. I have met a fair number of
people with diagnoses on the autistic spectrum or with schizophrenia
and the way Watson  talks about these conditions exclusively in terms
of genetics is chilling in terms of its potential for reviving the
eugenics movement.  I am currently reading "The War Against Children
of Color: Psychiatry Targets Inner-City Youth" by Dr. Peter Breggin
which talks about how some of the anti-violence research that was
planned during the 90s was going to target intervention with
African-American children to start them on psychiatric drugs as early
as 4 years old in order to supposedly curb crime and violence.


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