[Air-L] Wireless access in Vancouver

Richard Smith smith at sfu.ca
Sun Oct 21 09:27:28 PDT 2007


Not only were there a lot of (mac) laptops but there were a lot of  
wireless devices of all kinds on the network this week. Our computing  
services folks assured me that the system could handle our group,  
even when I told them that there is often a lot of blogging going on.  
It turns out they were right, but even they were surprised at the  
level of usage.

Later in the week the computing services network guru reported to me  
that they had topped 180 concurrent log-ins at some points in the  
day.  A normall "big day" for that building is 80. So we more than  
doubled their previous record.


On 20-Oct-07, at 10:06 PM, NANCY MCDONALD-KNWRTHY wrote:

> Totally irrelevant aside:  after viewing the "slide show" of the
> photos... I cannot get over how many macbook pros I saw on laps
> of conference-goers...

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