[Air-L] Immigrant internet use refs request

Kevin Leander kevin.leander at vanderbilt.edu
Mon Oct 22 07:15:30 PDT 2007

>Please note that there are 3 PhD positions available at Utrecht 
>University within the High Potential Program for the project Wired 
>up. Digital media as innovative socialization practices for migrant 
>youth. Deadline for applications is 5 November, 2007. Please pass 
>this information on to colleagues and to eligible master's students.

PhD-researcher Identity, Migration, and Global Digital Media

Faculty of Humanities (Project 1) (0,8 fte)

>In this project we are researching the impact of new digital 
>applications on the construction of identity of young Dutch migrants 
>in a trans-national setting. We will investigate whether digital 
>media create an alternative interactive space between the culture of 
>origin and that of immigration, and how issues of identity, gender 
>and ethnicity are negotiated and articulated between online and 
>offline worlds. Deadline for application 5 November 2007.

PhD-researcher Learning & Socialization, new media and the migrant condition

>Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (Project 2) (0,9 fte)
>The core interest of this project is to study the increasing impact 
>of new, digital media, or mediatization, on the learning and 
>socialization of both Dutch and immigrant youth. This raises 
>questions about the nature of the learning experiences youth engage 
>in, as both the nature of the social spaces and networks youth are 
>involved in as the role of traditional socializing agents seem to be 
>changing. Deadline for application 5 November 2007

PhD researcher Social practices of identity by immigrant youth with 
new literacies and media

>Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences(Project 3) (0,9 fte)
>In this project we will study how Moroccan immigrant youth in the 
>Netherlands use Internet media and digital literacies in their 
>everyday lives to shape their identities and how immigrant youth 
>identities are shared and interpreted across social groups. Deadline 
>for application 5 November 2007
>The vacancies are also advertised on Academic transfer

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