[Air-L] Digital divide in Canada and worldwide

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Hmmm... Where to start...

The general stuff on the Digital Divide is widely accessible via the

Specific stuff dealing with Canada ... 

A couple of places to start are the Journal of Community Informatics
http://ci-journal.net which while an international journal, has a lot of
Editorial and other connections to Canada and has a range of related
articles dealing with Canada and international.  You might also take a look
at the website of the Canadian Alliance for Community Innovation and
Networking (CRACIN) http://www.cracin.ca for a lot of related research


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Hello, I am building a resource website for our undergraduate students
taking an STAS course on information technologies and society at the
University of Calgary. I was wondering if you know of any good online
resources on digital divide, in Canada and worldwide. Short videos, pages
compiled by academics, blogs on the topic - any ideas would be welcomed.

Thank you,

Delia Dumitrica
PhD Candidate & Research Assistant
Faculty of Communication and Culture
University of Calgary

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