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Jones, Christopher christopher.a.jones at okstate.edu
Mon Oct 29 07:33:50 PDT 2007

Sorry for the delayed response. I will compile the info from the messages and send it out later this afternoon. 



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Dear Christopher

I am writing as one of the Air-L  members, having read your recent
communication about 'Website Discourse Analysis'.

I was wondering whether you would be able to share some of the valuable
resources you were given by members of the Air-L as I am also in the
middle of analysing the discourse in an online forum...

I was also wondering whether you are similarly interested in 'content
analysis' in an 'online context' and, if yes, whether you would be able
to suggest any useful literature?..

Kindest regards 


Kate Pavlidou 
Programmes Coordinator 

University of Leicester 
Institute of Lifelong Learning 
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Leicester LE1 7PA * UK 
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Email: ap246 at le.ac.uk 


air-l-bounces at listserv.aoir.org; on behalf of; Jones, Christopher
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Thank you everyone who sent suggestions of articles, books, and
websites. I really appreciate it and you have given me a great start
with resources. Your help is greatly appreciated. 

Kindest regards, 

christopher jones
oklahoma state university

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