[Air-L] Ethics considerations in usage of skype for telephone interviews

Jeremy Depauw jeremy.depauw at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 00:12:22 PDT 2007

Hi all!

After having been sensibilzed by Nick Jankowski about ethics in Online
research at the ECREA Summer School, I would like to ask a question to
experienced scholars. I am considering to use skype to achieve
telephone interviews in the course of my fieldwork, for my phd thesis.

May I consider Skype as yet-another telephonic device or do I have to
achieve a deeper reflection regarding ethics? I am not pretty sure of
all challenges involved in IP telephony, especially as I am about to
interview competitive intelligence managers.

Thank you for your help!


Jeremy Depauw

The Power of Knoweldge Sharing and Skills Synegism
Journal de recherche: http://dev.ulb.ac.be/~jdepauw/dotclear/index.php

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