[Air-L] Invite from Sarah Robbins (intellagirl at gmail.com)

Asa Rosenberg asa.rosenberg at sociology.gu.se
Sat Sep 1 17:57:33 PDT 2007

"4: It wouldn't let me get out of editing my profile, until I'd said
who I wanted to meet. I couldn't just be there."

A clue to why this is the case might be "Quechup.com is owned and operated
by iDateT Ltd." Quechup seems to be the only thing they have produced so far
and it is according to their company website (http://www.idatecorp.com) "an
online dating and matching service."

Interestingly enough the first page of their company website has their stock
value on it. I don't know a lot about business but it seems to me this
company is basically having people spam eachother in to the site to raise
the value of their stocks? I'm sure a lot of companies are doing similar
things.. but this one was just to obvious? :P


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On 01/09/07, Sarah Robbins <intellagirl at gmail.com> wrote:
> SarahRobbins (intellagirl at gmail.com)
> has invited you as a friend on Quechup...
>         ...the social networking platform sweeping the globe

I've had a couple of invitations to Quechup in the last couple of
days. I've decided to join ... BUT, I'm not sure that I really like
the way that it works ...

1: You have to have an alias, and can't have a "real" name. That meant
that, when I got another invitation I initially rejected it, as I
didn't recognise the alias. I prefer the sites that let you choose.

2: You don't get the choice about whether or not to have your location
showing; you seem to have to...

3: What is good, is that it is letting me claim to be 117! I generally
don't like to put my age in the field, so go for being as old as I
can. 117 is the oldest I've been able to be so far! Sometimes I'm
limited to 100, or even 99.

4: It wouldn't let me get out of editing my profile, until I'd said
who I wanted to meet. I couldn't just be there.

It's left me feeling out of control; which I don't like.

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