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Thank you for this reference.  It looks excellent.  I'm excited about 
the foundations that are being laid for quality internet research.


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Nancy Baym wrote:
> This is an opportune moment to announce the recent publication of a 
> book Annette Markham and I edited called Internet Inquiry: 
> Conversations About Method (Sage Publications). The book stars many 
> AoIR luminaries. Below is some further information about it. Also, at 
> least in the US, Amazon is offering it for 2/3 its list price:
> http://www.amazon.com/Internet-Inquiry-Conversations-About-Method/dp/1412910013 
> use that extra $10 to buy yourself a refreshing beverage in Copenhagen.
> ______________
> Product Description
> This collection of dialogues is the only textbook of its kind. 
> Internet Inquiry: Conversations About Method takes students into the 
> minds of top internet researchers as they discuss how they have worked 
> through critical challenges as they research online social 
> environments. Editors Annette N. Markham and Nancy K. Baym illustrate 
> that good research choices are not random but are deliberate, studied, 
> and internally consistent. Rather than providing single "how to" 
> answers, this book presents distinctive and divergent viewpoints on 
> how to think about and conduct qualitative internet studies.
> Key Features and Benefits
>     * Presents each chapter in the form of a question in order to 
> provoke explicit consideration of key issues
>     * Illustrates choices made within larger disciplinary contexts to 
> help students blend approaches, think broadly, and conduct internet 
> research with the benefit of multiplicity
>     * Offers a range of perspectives in each chapter to vividly 
> demonstrate that there are many ways to answer methodological 
> challenges well
>     * Includes contributors from multiple disciplines and across the 
> globe
>     * Provides a highly reflexive writing style that allows readers to 
> see processes that are rarely visible in finished research reports
> Intended Audience
> This edited volume is an excellent supplementary text for a variety of 
> advanced undergraduate and graduate courses such as Internet Research, 
> Research Methods, Qualitative Research Methods, and Computer-Mediated 
> Communication in the departments of communication, media studies, 
> sociology, and anthropology. It will assist new scholars as well as 
> seasoned practitioners in this arena make informed choices in how they 
> conduct inquiry.
> Table of Contents:
> Introduction: Making Smart Choices on Shifting Ground
> Nancy Baym and Annette Markham
> QUESTION ONE: How can qualitative internet researchers define the 
> boundaries of their projects?
> Christine Hine
> with responses by:
> Lori Kendall
> danah boyd
> QUESTION TWO: How can researchers make sense of the issues involved in 
> collecting and interpreting online and offline data?
> Shani Orgad
> with responses by:
> Maria Bakardjieva
> Radhika Gajjala
> QUESTION THREE: How do various notions of privacy influence decisions 
> in qualitative internet research?
> Malin Sveningsson Elm
> with responses by:
> Elizabeth A. Buchanan
> Susannah R. Stern
> QUESTION FOUR: How do issues of gender and sexuality influence the 
> structures and processes of qualitative internet research?
> Lori Kendall
> with responses by:
> Jenny Sundén
> John Edward Campbell
> QUESTION FIVE: How can qualitative researchers produce work that is 
> meaningful across time, space, and culture?
> Annette N. Markham
> with responses by:
> Elaine Lally
> Ramesh Srinivasan
> QUESTION SIX: What constitutes quality in qualitative internet research?
> Nancy Baym
> with response by:
> Annette Markham
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