[Air-L] Breakout! Escape from the Office

Laura Forlano lef45 at columbia.edu
Wed Dec 3 09:33:43 PST 2008

Hi All.

Please find below the announcement of a new collaborative project  
that has been funded by The Architectural League of New York as part  
of the Situated Technologies exhibition, which will take place in  
September 2009.

Apologies for cross-posting.


BREAKOUT! Escape from the Office
Key team members: Anthony Townsend (Research Director, Technology  
Horizons Program, Institute for the Future), Tony Bacigalupo (co- 
founder, CooperBricolage), Georgia Borden (Associate Director, DEGW),  
Dennis Crowley (founder dodgeball.com), Laura Forlano (Kauffman  
Fellow in Law, Information Society Project, Yale Law School), Sean  
Savage (co-founder, PariSoMa), Dana Spiegel (Executive Director,  

Over a two week period, BREAKOUT! will return creative work to the  
streets of New York. Using co-working as a model, and injecting  
lightweight versions of essential office infrastructure into urban  
public spaces, BREAKOUT! will explore new and productive niches for  
working outside of traditional office buildings. As the 21st century  
moves towards a knowledge-based economy, conventional office spaces  
are becoming obsolete; people no longer need to co-locate in order to  
access shared tools and resources. BREAKOUT! seeks to create a new  
architecture for the creative city by appropriating public spaces for  
the collaborative knowledge work that drives the contemporary city.

Laura Forlano, Ph.D.
Kauffman Fellow in Law
Information Society Project
Yale Law School

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