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Human Communication and Technology Division
2009 NCA Convention Call
Discourses of Stability and Change
Deadline: February 11, 2009

The Human Communication and Technology Division invites papers,  
panels, and scholar to scholar (poster) sessions that examine the  
theory and application of communication technologies to relationships,  
communities, classrooms, and other organizational and social contexts.

The 2009 theme, "Discourses of Stability and Change” asks us to  
reflect on the multiple discourses at the heart of meaning-making, and  
how we manage these discourses as a discipline. Our collective  
communicative experiences are increasingly affecting and are effected  
by burgeoning media technologies. Consequently, the area of human  
communication and technology is well-suited to examine the interplay  
between discourses of stability, continuity, and routine, on the one  
hand and discourses of change, novelty, and surprise on the other.

Papers: Papers of scholarly work (no more than 25 pages of text) will  
be competitively evaluated. The Top Papers and Top Student Papers will  
comprise two panels. The Top Student Paper author(s) will receive an  
award of $75.

Common Theme Panels: A group of panelists provides information around  
a specific theme with titled presentations. The contact person from  
the panel should submit a rationale (no more than 250 words) and brief  
abstracts (no more than 75 words) for the individual presentations/  
papers for evaluation by reviewers.

Round Tables: A group of panelists will discuss a specific topic, as  
described in an abstract (no more than 75 words) for the convention  
program. Individual presentations are not titled. A rationale (no more  
than 250 words) must also be submitted. The same text may be used for  
the rationale and the abstract but the rationale will be considered  
when evaluating the panel.

Panels (Common Theme and Round Tables) should include
•A title
•A list of presenters and their affiliations
•Titles and abstracts for each presentation/ paper (if Common Theme  
•An abstract of no more than 75 words for the convention program (if  
Round Table panel)
•A rationale of no more than 250 words.

Scholar to Scholar: The Scholar to Scholar session provides an  
interactive and media-rich format for communication and discussion  
with scholars in the field. We encourage all of our members to  
consider submitting their papers as Scholar-to-Scholar sessions to  
take advantage of the opportunities for visual display and a more  
interactive format. When you submit your paper or panel to the unit,  
you will be able to check the Scholar to Scholar box on the submission  

Submission deadline: February 11, 2009

All submissions must be made online through the All Academic site. You  
will be directed to the All Academic site with prompts to clarify the  
process. Submissions will be accepted only in these formats: Word, PDF  
(Adobe Acrobat), and Rich Text. Please remember that if you are using  
bibliographic management software you must make sure your references  
are embedded in the text of your document, or else they will be  
stripped out when you upload your paper to the AllAcademic site. Do  
NOT compress files before sending. Audio and visual requests should  
accompany your submission.

Submission instructions and information can be found at www.natcom.org/convention 

Authors are reminded that it is good practice, when submitting  
abstracts and other information to an online site, to compose in a  
local editor and cut and paste into the abstract and other fields.

Please note: All First Author or Designated Presenters, Chairs,  
Respondents, and Individual Participants who have had papers or panel  
proposals accepted or who are listed for participation in the NCA  
Annual Convention (in any unit or caucus) must pre-register in order  
to participate. Any individual who has not pre-registered for the  
Annual Convention will not appear in any version of the published or  
posted Convention Program.

Preregistration deadline: Thursday, September 17, 2009.

Questions? Contact the co-planners:

•John Howard, East Carolina University, School of Communication, 102  
Joyner East, Greenville, NC 27858, howardjo at ecu.edu, phone 252-328-530
•Kris Markman, University of Memphis, Department of Communication, 143  
Theatre & Communication Bldg, Memphis, TN, 38152-3150, k.markman at memphis.edu 
, phone 901-678-5458
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Kris M. Markman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Communication
University of Memphis

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