[Air-L] open-access is the future: boycott locked-down academic journals

Alex Halavais alex at halavais.net
Thu Feb 7 21:42:20 PST 2008

I've replied to danah's blog post both on her blog and a little on my
own blog here:


But I wanted to ask a more basic question: what are the open access
journals in our field (interfield? transfield? outfield?) with the
best reputations?

I'll throw JCMC out there, and I hope that their move to the Synergy
site doesn't augur a future change in access. I enjoy reading
FirstMonday, but I'm pretty sure it isn't "serious" enough for many
traditionalists or tenure committees.

So, if we are to take danah's advice, and send our research to OA
journals, what are the top five or top ten open access journals. If
you don't want to reply to the list, feel free to send me a note
privately--if there is a list of 10 (and I am pretty sure I couldn't
name ten open access journals in our very broad intersection of
fields), maybe I can turn it around as a mini-survey to get some feel
of how they may be ranked in terms of reputation.

- Alex

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