[Air-L] Request for Proposals - Internet Research 10.0 (woo-hoo!) / 2009

Charles Ess charles.ess at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 13:10:23 PST 2008

Dear all,

Please distribute the following as appropriate -  and thanks!
- charles and mia

Request for Proposals

The Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) invites proposals from
individuals and institutions interested in serving as the host site for
Internet Research 10.0, the AoIR annual conference for 2009.

The AoIR Internet Research conferences are among the most important venues
for bringing together current research and reflection from a wide range of
disciplines and perspectives - with a marked accent on interdisciplinary
approaches - on the multiple social and technological practices that depend
upon and shape the Internet.

IR 10.0 will mark the 10th anniversary of AoIR. We look forward to an
intellectually stimulating conference, and one that, in keeping with the
distinctive spirit and hospitality of AoIR, will also be a heck of a good
time ...
(Previous conference cities: Lawrence, Kansas (2000); Minneapolis, Minnesota
(2001); Maastricht, the Netherlands (2002); Toronto, Canada (2003);
Brighton, U.K. (2004); Chicago, Illinois (2005); Brisbane, Australia (2006);
Vancouver, Canada (2007) - and upcoming: Copenhagen, Denmark (2008)).

We ask interested colleagues to review the following general proposal
requirements.  Colleagues and institutions who would like to pursue
developing a proposal are encouraged to contact Mia Consalvo
(consalvo at ohio.edu) and/or Charles Ess (cmess at drury.edu) to indicate your
interest and raise any immediate questions, etc., that you may wish to
discuss.  We will also be happy to send you a far more detailed Conference
Planning Guide for your review and use.

We would ask that a proposal address the following elements:

DATES. AoIR conferences typically take place in early-to-mid-October - but
depending only local calendars and requirements, we can be somewhat flexible
regarding conference timing (i.e., from late September to late October).

The AoIR conference typically runs over four days, beginning with
1) an initial day for pre-conference workshops and possible excursions.
2) the program proper, which runs over 3 days.
Each day has 6 programmed sessions which require space. Of the 6 each day,
three are sessions for papers, panels and roundtables, which require 8
parallel rooms. The remaining three include times for keynote presentations,
the AoIR general meeting, Birds of a Feather sessions, etc.  (The IR 8.0 /
2007 Program may be downloaded for review:

AoIR members and conference participants are a diverse, international
community: conference venues should be easily accessible from international
travel hubs. Travel possibilities from international arrival points to
accommodations (see below) and conference venue should be convenient and
AoIR conferences typically attract 250-400 participants. Hence, there is
need for one large auditorium that can comfortably hold ca. 300 people (or
more), plus at least 6 smaller rooms for parallel sessions - as well as for
requisite infrastructure (AV, wireless, computers and data projectors,etc.)
(These may be at a host University and/or in the area (e.g., conference
centers, a hotel, etc.)  for the conference itself.)

We encourage proposals that take into account the ecological impacts of
conference arrangements (e.g., preferences for sustainable choices re.
conference materials, catering arrangements, distances and travel
possibilities, etc.)

BUDGET - a _rough_ estimate of local costs, using the outline provided in
the planning document sent out upon request.
An economically viable conference will also require some level of local /
regional / national sponsorships.  Suggestions regarding e.g., possible
grants, in-kind contributions, potential corporate sponsors, etc. would be

ACCOMMODATIONS and related infrastructure.
This should include information about a proposed conference hotel, whether
or not it will serve as a conference venue (e.g., in Vancouver, we did _not_
use a hotel as the venue) - as well as information about alternative
possibilities, including modest to low-cost possibilities, so far as these
are available.

CATERING - coffee/tea breaks + conference banquet

LOCAL ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: the Committee and its Chair are responsible for
these and other important details (e.g., local registration process,
accounting and documenting expenses and credits in the conference budget,
etc.) and ensuring that "everything is in place" prior to and through the
conference itself.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - anything else that you think will enhance the
conference experience.  For example, host venues commonly organize one or
more "getaways" that make local highlights easily accessible to conference

FOR OUR PART - AoIR will provide a great deal of assistance and direction,
including registration and collection of conference fees through the AoIR
website; recruiting a Program Chair who will take primary responsibility for
soliciting papers and reviewers, oversee the reviewing and notification
process, etc.  (Organizationally, the Local Organizing Committee works with
the Program Chair and AoIR Vice-President and President, who serve as
liaisons with the AoIR Executive Committee.)

We clearly recognize that hosting an AoIR IR conference is no small task.
But as previous conference organizers and local committees will tell you -
it is also a highly rewarding experience!

Mia and I look forward to receiving your inquiries and proposals.

- charles ess (cmess at drury.edu)
- Mia Consalvo (consalvo at ohio.edu)

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