[Air-L] Antwort: Drawing networks tools

Ismael Peña-López ictlogist at ictlogy.net
Fri Feb 22 04:32:09 PST 2008

Thank you, thanks for all the contributions.

Though I guess I've still have to find what I was exactly looking for.
Put short, I want to "play and publish" network visualizations, not
"analyze" them. I'd rather teach or speak in public with such a tool than
too deep thinking and discover hidden relationships. That's what I want it
for :)

BTW, for those (even slightly) interested in the issue, Lars list is pretty

Thanks again for those who dedicated some time to my question :)

Ismael Peña-López
Public Policies for Development and ICT4D
School of Law and Political Science
Open University of Catalonia

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