[Air-L] Jail for Facebook spoof Moroccan

Conor Schaefer conor.schaefer at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 04:57:15 PST 2008

I don't at all speak French, but couldn't the quote you use to
demonstrate the authorities' ignorance be simply a nomenclature issue?
In English all the time I find people mixing up "site" and "page." I
don't think this indicates such extreme ignorance that the authorities
are incapable of assessing Fouad's actions.

More likely to me is that they understood roughly what he did, and are
just motivated by politics which most of us on this list might be driven
to call a bit extreme.

Julian Hopkins wrote:
> This might interest some people. 
> Jail for Facebook spoof Moroccan 
> A Moroccan computer engineer has been sentenced to three years in jail for
> setting up a Facebook profile in the name of a member of the royal family...
> http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/7258950.stm
> There's also a website set up with a petition and more information about the
> case: http://www.helpfouad.com/ 
> There are some mitigating factors stated, one of which is interesting: 
> "La police marocaine ne comprend absolument rien à Internet. Il est demandé
> à Fouad dans un des paragraphes pour quelle raison avait-il créé le site
> Facebook ?"
> (Translation: "The Moroccan police understands absolutely nothing about the
> internet. It is asked of Fouad in one of the paragraphs [of the charge
> sheet] for what reason had he created the Facebook site?")
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