[Air-L] What will we see in 2020?

Janna Anderson andersj at elon.edu
Tue Jan 15 14:20:09 PST 2008

What will we see in 2020?

The latest "Future of the Internet" survey sponsored by Pew Internet is
available to participate in online for the next several weeks.

It asks people to think about the impact generated through people's use of
the tool we call the Internet. The survey presents interesting scenarios
that are written to get people to react with their opinions about the
future. There¹s no commitment involved ­ you can take a few minutes to look
at the  survey site right now and then follow up by sharing your views if
you'd like to do so. (Your answers will remain anonymous unless you
specifically state you want to take credit for them.)

If you think the survey is worthwhile, please also share the address with
any of your friends who are knowledgeable about the Internet.

The survey is located at:


If you have trouble with that address, try going to:


This is the third such survey. To see how the data is diffused, you can see
results from the two earlier studies at the following address:


Thanks very much for considering this.

Best regards,
Janna Anderson on behalf of the Pew Internet Project

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