[Air-L] What is web culture?

mhward mhward at usyd.edu.au
Tue Jan 15 14:36:53 PST 2008

I think there is another question before these: Is the web an artefact of
our culture, or does it constitute a culture in itself? These are
fundamental constructs that define much of the debate about the web.

Christine Hine's book Virtual Ethnography has an early chapter that
discusses these concepts and the effect they have on our conceptions of 'the

Annatte Markham's boook Life Online is also seminal in this area.


On 16/1/08 5:13 AM, "Hall, Richard H." <rhall at mst.edu> wrote:

> 1) How would you define web culture?
> 2) How is it unique, in comparison to other cultures?
> 3) What are some good/classic resources on the web describing and defining
> web culture?
> ... Thanks ... Richard

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