[Air-L] Trade Unions and Moodle

Derek McMillan derekmcmillan1951 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jan 29 00:37:05 PST 2008

Trade Unions and Moodle

I am taking a course on Getting Ready for E Learning run by the TUC and 
Lewisham College . The TUC is the body to which all trade unions are 
affiliated in the United Kingdom. The course is aimed at learning reps 
(of which I am one) and union officers. The intention is to see how 
unions can use Moodle for online learning.

Unions do (basically) two types of Education.

One is training for "lay" officers (I was quite excited to find out I 
was a "lay officer" until I found out what it meant!) on how to run the 
union, how to take casework health and safety etc.

The other is continuing professional development such as ICT courses for 

I will ask other course participants for their views on how the course 
went and how they envisage online learning being useful to them.

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