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Fri Jul 4 22:36:06 PDT 2008

Dear friends and colleagues,

I think many of you know me already.  If not, my name is Yosem Eduardo
Companys, and I am a PhD Candidate at Stanford University.  I am writing to
inform you of a new book published by Praeger's that may be of interest to
you or your colleagues.  We will use it in one of our undergraduate courses
at Stanford in the upcoming fall quarter.

The book is named *Netroots Rising*, and it is the most authoritative
account to date of the rise of the netroots movement in American politics.
The netroots movement encompasses the network of bloggers, Internet
activists and techies who are changing the face of politics, both on the
left and the right.  For more information on the book, please go to

The book has been selling like hot cakes and is currently #8 among all
communication books on Amazon.com.  Please share with any of your colleagues
interested in online activism.

I am copying the authors, just in case you are interested in corresponding
with them directly and starting a conversation on the subject.  Both Lowell
and Nate are very friendly and down-to-earth, and I am sure they would enjoy
hearing from you.

Best regards,


PS  I include some reviews on the book below:


"These two Democratic political consultants offer a rich, even gripping
narrative, well sourced, of our century's transformation in political
engagement by means of "netroots." The "Deaniacs," the draft Clark effort,
the campaign against Tom DeLay, and Jim Webb's unlikely victory (Feld
coordinated Webb's online fundraising) are among the stories told here. Feld
and Wilcox are not sure what the future holds for the netroots phenomenon,
but their book has long-term value for large public and undergraduate
*—Library Journal Starred Review*

"Blogs have changed the dynamics of campaigns forever in just a few short
years, and they've opened up politics to a whole new wave of grassroots
activists. Lowell Feld and Nate Wilcox take us behind the scenes of this new
phenomenon, revealing the virtues and, yes, the vices of the blogosphere in
some of the hottest contests in recent elections. One thing's for sure:
politics will never be the same, and people who don't have a handle on blogs
won't understand the campaigns of the future."
*—Larry J. Sabato, Director, Center for Politics, University of Virginia*

"Netroots Rising offers a gripping insider's account of the most important
new political movement in America today. If you want to understand how
online activism and activists are changing the Democratic Party–and the
country–you'll want to read this book."
*—Matthew Yglesias, Associate Editor of The Atlantic Monthly*

"Two histories are emerging for our country's past decade. One is in the
headlines and the network newscasts and it consistently misses the profound
political changes washing over American democracy. Nate Wilcox and Lowell
Feld, however, are leading thinkers in the gathering army of citizens
determined to use the Internet to return our democracy to its founding
principles. And in Netroots Rising, you will read the story of all the
bright young minds who have found a new way to water the roots of our tree
of liberty. America is still in good hands and you can see its bright future
reflected on these pages."
*—James C. Moore, Author of Bush's Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush

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