[Air-L] Launching into Beta: RemixAmerica.org Wants You to it Mash Up!

noel hidalgo noel at noneck.org
Wed Jul 9 14:25:46 PDT 2008

Dear fellow nurds,

We at RemixAmerica.org are beta launching a rockin new site that is  
the new home for remixers and video remixes. As a non-partisan, non- 
profit project of Declare Yourself, our goal is to push the limits of  
this digital medium and highlight the best video remixes and mashups.  
Not only can you use our software to easily create your own remixes!  
BUT you can join the global conversation using your webcam to "talk  

Unlike other video hubs, our focus is on YOUR ability to speak freely  
though the interconnected digital medium we call the Internet. Since  
we launched a few weeks ago, we've been documenting the best political  
remixes and profiling the most interesting remixers on the web. Check  
out our blog at < http://blog.remixamerica.org >

Through our “American Playlist,” we make it easy for you to combine  
today’s political debate with America's great ideas and historical  
speeches -- everything from Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, to Kennedy's  
Inaugural, to Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have a Dream," to the latest  
speeches from John McCain and Barack Obama -- we give you the power to  
remix America's greatest moments. Check out our blog for highlights, http://blog.remixamerica.org

If you are a remixer, we want to feature your work. If you are a  
citizen journalist, vlogger, cultural producer, community organizer,  
activist, volunteer, campaign worker, etc... We want to hear your  
voice and see your thoughts. Upload to http://RemixAmerica.org today,  
and we promise you an informed and engaged community.

Also, we have noticed that there is no global discussion list for  
remixers. SO we have set up a google group at < http://groups.google.com/group/videoremix 
  >. We hope that you join the mix and help us develop a global  
network of creators.

In short, we are ready to see your creativity. If you think we need to  
change ANYTHING, please email me < noel at remixamerica.org > and I will  
make sure your questions, comments, complaints, or problems are  

We look forward to seeing you and we really look forward to your  
- noneck

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