[Air-L] Metaphors in Technology

Jason Stuart jts0803odon at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 06:03:00 PDT 2008

"warXing" (wardriving, warjogging, wargaming,....)
sniffing, sniffer
open (as in source)
for that matter, source or resource
beta ("It's gone beta!")
locked, unlocked
checked in, checked out
cookies. Everybody loves cookies.
point (as in floating point, as in versions)

Mnemonic devices/good acronyms? TRBL, LIFO, AIM, POST



Could "quad" be a reference to new "core" (there's one!) Intel chips? If so,
then "duo" too. Also, "two" and "oh." As in "version two point oh" instead
of "new release" or "second major release." My Firefox was somehow "Firefox
two point oh" across all builds and revisions until "Firefox 3 beta" and now
somehow I just have Firefox 3, or Firefox, again. Until I have a problem,
and then I have to refer to the version. Specifically. Help! Oh yeah there's
a dropdown menu for that. So "help."


On Sun, Jun 29, 2008 at 3:59 AM, Gordon Carlson <gordycarlson at gmail.com>

> Thank you all for your help so far.  I have added all your recent
> comments to the list.
> I will be honest, I love the Net and its slang but have never heard
> the term epeen or a related one.  Wow.  The Internet is a scary
> place/idea/destination/highway/car/tube.  Much like the Wild
> West...ooh, need to add that one...
> In case anyone is counting here is a newer list with the additions
> thus far.  Thanks again and please do keep them coming!
> -Gordy
> active and inactive
> bandwidth
> blog - web log??
> blogosphere
> breadcrumbs
> brick and mortar
> broadband
> broken record (not digital but still a technology metaphor)
> bulletin boards
> calculating (as in a person is cold and calculating)
> car (and associated metaphors)
> chat "rooms"
> chatting
> citizen of the internet - netizen
> click
> cloud (storage and computing)
> connection/disconnection
> cyberspace
> dashboard
> database
> deckware
> desktop
> disease (as in internet as disease)
> dial a touch phone
> dial up internet access
> dialog boxes
> directory
> domain
> drop a packet
> email
> engine
> extranet
> files
> filing system
> firewall
> flame
> flaming
> folders
> forum
> forward (as in to forward an email)
> frames
> frontier
> garbage can
> garbage in, garbage out
> gateway
> grinding (used in gaming to get lots of a resource)
> harvesting
> hit
> homepage
> hotspot
> hub
> inbox
> information superhighway
> instant messaging
> intranet
> link
> lurking
> menu
> mining, especially data mining
> mouse
> navigation
> objects (in programming)
> offline
> online
> open (as in a file or email)
> outbox
> owning someone (as in to defeat someone in a game, not unique to
> technology basis for pwned)
> palette
> portal
> programmed or hardwired people
> protocol
> quad (a couple people mentioned this but I don't know why it is a
> metaphor, any help?)
> recycle bin
> reply
> reserving a "seat" for an online course
> rolling (as in a character in DD)
> rolling your own
> run
> search engine
> server
> shopping carts/basket
> slides in powerpoint
> space (a place you can go or occupy a volume)
> spam
> speed dial (Opera browser)
> spyware
> surfing
> tabs
> tag
> tap (as in a line or phone which is no longer literal)
> terminal
> the computer going to "sleep" or hibernate
> the whole concept of a virtual open house
> transportation (and all associated internet metaphors)
> tree
> trojan horse
> trolling
> tubes (as in not a dump truck - ah, the great Senator Stevens...)
> virus
> windows
> wiping out a team of players (gaming, not unique to technology)
> world wide web
> worm
> word of mouse
> browsing
> scrolling up and down
> computer hibernating
> e-peen or e-penis (as in a slang term for ego online)
> Internet male
> word of mouse
> ding (as in to gain a level in a game)
> wild west
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