[Air-L] etiquette for reusing or reposting blog posts

Robert Cannon rcannon100 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 24 20:03:49 PDT 2008

People do it all the time.  Look at CIRCLEID as an example.  Most of the posts there are also posted to the individuals blogs.  Different blogs have different audiences - some are more personal - others are clear communities surrounding specific topics of interest.  Sometimes people try out version 1.0 on there personal blog and then post version 2.0 on a community like CIRCLEID

I will say this as an aggregator.  I know some people who post 100% of their personal stuff on a collective blog -- after a while of filtering through the duplicate posts, I detect it and drop the personal blog from my aggregation.

There is a frequency-to-noise ratio issue.  Duplicates become noise.  People will seek to filter the noise if it becomes a problem.

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--- On Thu, 7/24/08, Lokman Tsui <lokman.tsui at gmail.com> wrote:

> From: Lokman Tsui <lokman.tsui at gmail.com>
> Subject: [Air-L] etiquette for reusing or reposting blog posts
> To: air-l at listserv.aoir.org
> Date: Thursday, July 24, 2008, 2:33 PM
> Hi all,
> I have been wondering about what the social online norms
> are for
> reusing or reposting blog posts across different blogs.
> Let's say you have a personal blog and also contribute
> to a group blog
> - under what circumstance would it be okay to reuse a post
> you wrote
> for one blog for the other blog, assuming the post is
> relevant for
> both blogs?
> When do you integrally copy the post, and when do you write
> a summary
> linking to the original post? Are there other ways to deal
> with this?
> Is this something considered not done at all?
> What are people's experiences and feelings on this?
> Thanks!
> Best,
> Lokman
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