[Air-L] short review: Salkowitz, Rob. Generation Blend

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Thu Jul 10 16:00:34 PDT 2008

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As a member of the younger crowd, and of course rather well versed in
Web 2.0 and similar paradigms (as is just about every member of this
list), I recently collected some data geared toward a paper on
increased ICT usage. I fully expected to see a substantial bias toward
a younger demographic.

This was not at all represented in the actual data, which in fact more
closely corresponded to that of "early adopter" crowds. A very
enlightening and humbling experience for me.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Peter Timusk wrote:
> I am interested in technology and age difference but this book that
> helped spur my interest did not help much. I would like to add age
> and technology attitudes to my thesis simulation so any sharing
> welcome.
> Blog entry
> Sunday, June 08, 2008
> Interesting but not very complex reading and could be considered
> ageist in its failings.
> I am reading this book right now amongst others.
> Salkowitz, Rob. Generation Blend: Managing Across the Technology Age
> Gap (Hoboken, N.J.: John Wiley & Sons, 2008)
> While this book is interesting and covers a vast array technological
> areas it falls short of having any details. The reason it fails is
> that it only assumes youth are better and more comfortable with
> technology and such things as web 2.0 and does not hold back from
> this view. Again and again the old are considered technological
> deficient and the youth technologically gifted. So no matter what
> technology or workplace practice the author examines he does not
> change from this perspective. This could have been a much more
> interesting book with much more results. I would suggest the author
> embark on empirical studies to back up his points. This is book is
> signed off on by Microsoft which is mud on their fenders in my opinion.
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