[Air-L] etiquette for reusing or reposting blog posts

Lois Ann Scheidt lscheidt at indiana.edu
Thu Jul 24 11:48:02 PDT 2008

I think you will find there was a long running discussion on this that 
spanned across at least the academic blogosphere.  That issue was one 
of citation...though I think the issue of ethics is a good one that has 
not, to my knowledge, been well explored.

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Quoting Alex Halavais <alex at halavais.net>:

> I would tend to doubt that there is a blogosphere-wide standard of
> etiquette here (or on most matters, for that matter). I suspect that
> most people indicate that the post appears in multiple places, at
> least on the less-viewed blog. In some cases, they might also turn off
> comments in one place to try to concentrate conversation. In others,
> they might simply summarize what they have written something
> elsewhere.
> I've generally used my personal blog to toss everything into, and
> often posts that show up on my course blogs, project blogs, etc., go
> there too. I haven't been consistent in how, or if, I've noted this,
> but have done summaries and full posts, with and without cross-links.
> - Alex
> On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 2:33 PM, Lokman Tsui <lokman.tsui at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have been wondering about what the social online norms are for
>> reusing or reposting blog posts across different blogs.
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