[Air-L] Virtual Policy '08, 22-23 July 2008, BERR, London

Ren Reynolds ren at aldermangroup.com
Sun Jun 29 14:15:07 PDT 2008

As many of you know I've founded a think tank called the Virtual  
Policy Network (www.virtualpolicy.net), the aim of the think tank is  
to look a public policy aspects of virtual worlds on a local and  
global level by bringing together industry, academics and policy makers.

We have our first major policy event on 22nd and 23rd July 2008 at the  
Department of Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform's conference  
center in central London. I"ve posted the event information below, for  
more information on the think tank and the research programs we are  
undertaking please e me direct.

Event tickets can be booked here: virtualpolicy08.eventbrite.com/

Virtual Policy '08: A conference on innovation and governance in  
virtual worlds.

Virtual Policy 08 is set to be a land mark event focusing on global  
virtual worlds sited in a European legal and regulatory context. The  
key policy themes for this year's event are:

• Intellectual property rights
• Financial transaction
• Child online & education
• Governance frameworks & Innovation

The event is targeted at industry repetitives, legal scholars, policy  
makers and regulators from around Europe and the rest of the world and  
is a unique opportunity to interact directly with key stakeholders.

Virtual Policy is organised by the Virtual Policy Network (tVPN: www.virtualpolicy.net 
  ) in conjunction with The Department of Business Enterprise and  
Regulatory Reform (BERR) and The UK Intellectual Property Office (UK  
IPO) with New York Law School providing program support.

Speakers include:
• Professor Richard Bartle - University of Essex
• Jessica Mulligan – Virtual world industry veteran
• Aleks Krotoski - University of Surrey / Guardian (UK) newspaper
• David Naylor – Partner, Field Fisher Waterhouse
• Chris Francis – Government Programs, IBM
• Dr Jim Purbrick – Linden Lab
• Kerry Fraser-Robinson – President / MD, Red Bedlam
• David Taylor – Imperial College London
• Dr. Andreas Lober - Schulte Riesenkampff (Germany)
• Professor Bryan Camp - Texas Tech School of Law


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