[Air-L] Call for short papers from graduate students

Daren Carroll Brabham daren.brabham at utah.edu
Sat May 10 11:11:38 PDT 2008

Call for short papers for a forum in the graduate student journal Rocky Mountain Communication Review.
**FACULTY:  PLEASE spread this forum call--and news about RMCR in general--to your graduate students!**
Forum: "New Media, New Relations"
Rocky Mountain Communication Review
Guest forum editor:  Daren C. Brabham, University of Utah (daren.brabham at utah.edu)
Rocky Mountain Communication Review (RMCR) seeks short papers (approximately 1500 words) that address the ways in which new media technologies are changing how we work, solve problems, make friends, tell stories, and make progress in our world.  The focus of this forum is on the role new media play in re-structuring, re-making, and re-imagining our world.  In other words, how exactly have new media changed our world?  What are the implications for these changes?  What are the most pressing questions and agendas for research regarding these changes?
For the purposes of this forum, new media include both digital mass communication technologies (e.g., the Web) as well as personal digital media (e.g., cell phones, digital music players).  Submissions can be empirical, rhetorical, or theoretical.
Possible topics may include:
* how new media are changing the nature of specific industries and professions (e.g., journalism, stock photography);
* how social networking sites are changing the ways we make friends, fall in love, and make professional connections;
* how personal digital media script our daily rituals and needs;
* how new media enable democratic participation;
* how new media change/challenge aspects of our identities (e.g., along lines of race, class, gender, sexuality, (dis)ability, nationality);
* how new media technologies enhance, fragment, or otherwise change the way we tell stories and entertain;
* how new media technologies change the ways we teach and learn; and
* how new media technologies affect social movements and activism.
RMCR is a peer-reviewed, online communication journal by and for graduate students, published by the University of Utah.  Authors MUST be currently enrolled in a graduate program to be eligible for publication in the journal.  All submissions undergo blind, peer-review by at least two graduate students.  RMCR is an up-and-coming journal in its fourth volume, and the journal was recently added to the EBSCO database.  For more information about the journal:  http://rmcr.utah.edu <https://www.umail.utah.edu/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://rmcr.utah.edu/> .

Please send inquiries, proposals, and papers to Daren Brabham at daren.brabham at utah.edu by June 1, 2008.


Daren C. Brabham
Graduate Teaching Fellow
Department of Communication
University of Utah
255 S. Central Campus Dr., Rm. 2400
Salt Lake City, UT  84112
phone:  (801) 633-4796
daren.brabham at utah.edu
www.darenbrabham.com <http://www.darenbrabham.com/> 

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