[Air-L] Event - Uniting Americans Online - 9-10:30 a.m. 25 Jun 2008 - New York City

Steven Clift slc at publicus.net
Thu May 29 05:47:47 PDT 2008

Internet researchers in the NYC region are invited to join us on June 
25. I'd be interested in learning about any research attempting to track 
the follow-on effects of participating in online election campaigning 
efforts. - Steve

RSVP at:

Uniting Americans Online discussion in New York City
>From E-Democracy.Org

On June 23-24, Steven Clift with E-Democracy.Org will be speaking at the 
Personal Democracy Forum in New York City.

I'd like to invite those interested in discussing the topic "Uniting 
Americans Online - Building Community Engagement from the Net-Election" 
on June 25, 2008 from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. to RSVP at:

Join our discussion "local up" ideas for leveraging public involvement 
from this amazing yet highly partisan e-campaign for the White House 
into sustained online civic engagement that brings Americans of all 
political stripes together. People are getting fired up by the 
e-campaign, but what will they do when the election is over? With the 
right and left political blogospheres in a pitched battle to influence 
the mass media and Congress nationally, is there really an opportunity 
for Politics 2.0 or Governance 2.0? How can we leverage the millions of 
people signed up with national campaigns online into local opportunities 
where people work together across political lines? How might the tools 
and huge networks created to win the Presidency be turned over to those 
working to make their streets safe, improve their local school, or 
involve people in local issues?

If this sounds like an interesting topic, join us.

The rough agenda will include a quick update from E-Democracy.Org about 
the expansion of Issues Forums (online town halls) with a chance to 
offer feedback as well as some highlights from the recent "neighbors 
online" discussion in DC.

The exact location is to be determined. Space may be limited.

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