[Air-L] CourseFeed + Facebook = Social Learning

Yu-li Hsieh (Patrick) yhsieh3 at uic.edu
Thu May 22 20:54:53 PDT 2008

Hi all,

I don't know about you, but I think I've just read some coywriting materials 
from a dot.com site.

Yet, the frame of this piece is kind of interesting, and it makes me wonder, 
since when learning is not social, and school is not a social instituion 
that socialize and 'educate' people, and hence now we need some new 
technology to MAKE learning social. To s

While I agree incorportaing the use of blackboard, facebook, wikipedia and 
other web-based technologies would provide different contexts and 
experience, and it may change the dynamics of interaction between instructor 
and students, I don't really see how those differences are more 'social' 
than the old  ways.

The frame is just like the Dumbest Generation book, tries so hard to point 
out that "things ain't what they used to be".
Well, the delivery technologies do change, I'll give you that. But the 
social/sociological meanings of 'things' ??



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> Colleagues/
> A BreakThrough Discovery
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> CourseFeed makes online learning social. Students go to class for all
> kinds of reasons - to hang out with friends, to get a degree, and to
> learn - probably in that order. As more and more instruction goes online
> the *real* classroom experience is left behind. We at CourseFeed
> believe the best learning experiences require that groups of students be
> involved, engaged, and interested. The so-called online learning
> management systems of today are sterile data repositories that manage
> data transfer, not learning.
> CourseFeed is .... a *mash-up* between online school content and
> Facebook. CourseFeed*s seamless integration with a school*s LMS
> ensures classmates displayed in a CourseFeed course are the same
> students enrolled in corresponding LMS course. Users see names and
> photos of their classmates and are given tools to interact - making
> online course work social and collaborative. CourseFeed*s alerts let
> students know when a change is made in the LMS course and provide
> single-click access to course content ... .
> List of Features, Links, Graphics, And More  Available At
> [
> http://onlinesocialnetworks.blogspot.com/2008/05/coursefeed-facebook-social-learning.html
> ]
> OR
> [ http://tinyurl.com/6pe4bs ]
> Enjoy!
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