[Air-L] Collating and sharing blogging-related references

David Brake d.r.brake at lse.ac.uk
Thu Sep 11 07:28:52 PDT 2008

A two-part query:

1) I am re-visiting my literature review for my blogging-related PhD  
thesis/dissertation and I would like to make sure I have not missed  
anything important. I am particularly interested in qualitative  
approaches to blogging - especially interview-based work and in the  
study of personal/journal weblogs - sometimes dubbed lifelogs (as  
opposed to the study of weblogging for political, marketing or  
educational purposes). I will share what I have so far on the web and  
add to it whatever people send me off-list. Which brings me to the  
second question:

2) I would like to share what I have so far (192 references, in  
Endnote) and make it easy for future scholars to search and update it  
themselves, thus avoiding the fate of previous collections eg http://loisscheidt.com/linked/bibliographies/Weblog_and_Blog_Bibliography.pdf 
  (Last Updated November 22, 2005) http://kairosnews.org/blogbib (Last  
updated 30 Sept 2006) and http://www.blogresearch.com/ref.htm (last  
updated 2007?) I would like suggestions about how best to do this.

I tried to do this using Citeulike http://www.citeulike.org/user/davidbrake/tag/weblogs 
  but its importing from Endnote appears to leave something to be  
desired as you will see if you look through the entries that result.  
Still, if you are thinking of sending me something take a look at the  
Citeulike list first and see if you see it (or something like it).

Something database driven with each record a taggable entry would seem  
ideal but as it stands now the best I can offer would be that I could  
export my Endnote database to date as text into a wiki page. Anyone  
with better ideas (or who has had more success in exporting to  

The only solution I will not entertain is one that would require me to  
re-type all of my Endnote entries by hand into a series of forms in  
order to get them into an online database!
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School of Economics & Political Science
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