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As You May / May Not Know, OCLC in January 2009 announced  its WorldCat
Mobile Project "to make collections from libraries visible through
mobile devices. 


The WorldCat Mobile pilot allows users to search for and find books and
other materials available in libraries near them through a Web
application they can access from a PDA or smartphone."


" Advanced global positioning capabilities found in many smartphones and
PDAs make it possible for users to find local library materials no
matter where they happen to be. Users can even get a Google Maps view of
the library location along with detailed driving instructions if the
mobile device supports the application."


The pilot will gather data to inform and help shape future mobile access
to WorldCat.org. The pilot is now available in the United States and
Canada and is expected to last six months."


Yesterday I profiled The WorldCat Mobile Project in the _Mobile
Libraries_ blog at 


[ http://tinyurl.com/deuncp ]


In addition to a brief overview of the project, the profile includes
appropriate links, including one to an impressive A/V demo ...


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