[Air-L] Tutorial at GROUP 2009: From CSCW to new workstations. (deadline extended)

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Thu Apr 16 09:47:20 PDT 2009

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[DEADLINE EXTENDED: please submit position before April 27th]

>From CSCW to new workstations: the itsme project

Tutorial at GROUP 2009
May 10, 2009
Sanibel Island, Florida (USA)

Giorgio De Michelis and Marco Loregian
DISCo, University of Milano-Bicocca and itsme srl
Milan, Italy

Tutorial description
In the last 30 years, the desktop metaphor has become the standard user
interface for workstations, with its pros (e.g., ease of learning) and cons
(e.g., interaction constraints for skilled users, lack of context
awareness). In this tutorial we present itsme, an initiative to create the
next-generation workstation – especially designed for users who think that
what they do holds value. Much of what we present derives from CSCW
research, while Interaction Design research shapes the project, as well as
the involvement of a wide and heterogeneous community of contributing
people. The early design phases of the project led to the definition of a
new metaphor for personal computing, called ‘stories and venues’. The
metaphor is being adopted for the development of a radically new front-end
for the Linux operating system.

The tutorial illustrates (through the itsme case) how CSCW research can
drive the design and development of an innovative project, for example:
- from a theoretical concept (conversations), to its embodiment in a
metaphor (stories), and how to
deal with it (venues);
- from studies on communities, to how to communicate with them and involve
them in appropriate
ways (e.g., participatory design).

Tutorial outline
We cover the following topics:
- The scenario: the evolution of the PC market
- What CSCW research taught us about Personal Computers and workstations
- The impact of the Web
- A new idea for a new workstation: the metaphor of “stories and venues”
- The itsme project: design and development of the concept
- The creation of a community coupling design and future marketing

Important dates
Apr 5th,  2009: Early registration deadline for GROUP 2009
(extended) Apr 27th, 2009: Submission of participants bio (and position statements)
May 10th, 2009: Tutorial

Submission information
In order to know the audience of the tutorial in advance, we kindly request
to people interested in the tutorial to send a short bio (and optionally a
very short position statement, with respect to the topic of the tutorial) to
loregian at disco.unimib.it

- G. De Michelis, M. Loregian and C. Moderini. itsme: Interaction Design
Workstations. Know. Techn. Pol. http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s12130-009-9069-9
- Itsme website: http://www.itsme.it

Please pass on this invitation to colleagues who might be interested.

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