[Air-L] religious uses of social media?

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Hi Charles,

Like you, have thought of many sites, but none involving SNS's. The closest
I could come to was www.prayerbuddy.org - which is really just a plain old
everyday website, but aims to connect people in spiritual practices based on
monastic traditions.

paul emerson teusner

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Dear AoIR-ists,

On behalf of a colleague who is seeking to help a monastic community - I'm
trying to develop an inventory of (possible/actual) uses of social media
such as SNS's, Twitter, etc. that either
(a) fit within - rather than disrupt or distort - the disciplines and
practices defining / constituting monastic life and contemplation, and/or
(b) might foster one or more of those practices, e.g. _lectio divina_ and
other forms of guided/disciplined contemplation of sacred texts, community
prayer, etc.

I have some interesting examples from my previous (very modest) work in
these domains - but all of which emerged prior to the explosion of social
media such as SNS's, Twitter, etc.

So ... any suggestions for more contemporary examples, resources, contacts,
etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance,
- charles ess

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