[Air-L] Initial Internet experiences/helping first time users.

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I know of one article on how new users gain knowledge and it may reference
other useful sources:


On Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 2:48 PM, Peter Timusk <ptimusk at sympatico.ca> wrote:

> I often find myself helping neighbours, family, and consumer/survivors of
> psychiatry to connect to the Internet for the first time.
> A peer to peer support group for consumers/survivor of psychiatry I am
> involved with as a director offers our members lessons in email and
> surfing/cerfing.
> I am curious to hear of any research in this area or some suggested terms
> to use to search journals and my university library.
> Should I be looking for the terms "novice computer users" or "novice
> Internet users"?
> I am sure this is a valuable area of research as this is part of connecting
> people to the net that so much public money is supporting.
> One would not think there would need to lessons in using a telephone ( may
> be there were in the past) and the telephone is also affected by public
> money.
> I know from my own reading internet studies and data that training is an
> important predictor. Not the most important but it has an affect.
> My biases are that I would like new users to get a good view of the
> diversity rather than all being funneled into Google, MSN, Facebook, etc.
> For instance in helping my Scottish mother-in-law I suggested she would be
> able to read Scottish new papers everyday on her computer.
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Kim De Vries


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