[Air-L] Syllabus suggestions - phD seminar in online relationships

Nicole Ellison nellison at msu.edu
Thu Aug 6 12:50:11 PDT 2009

Hi all,

I am currently putting together my syllabus for a PhD-level seminar  
focusing on the Internet and social relationships, and am interested  
in seeing similar syllabi or recommendations for scholarship that  
should be included. To give you a sense of the topic, currently I plan  
to include readings on the following: historical overview of  
technology & social interactions; social networks & how they are  
reshaped by communication technologies, self-presentation and  
impression formation processes, online/offline interactions,  
friendship, and new theorizing about the topic. I currently am  
considering work by Wellman, Walther, Baym, Baron, boyd, and others  
whose last names do not start with W or B. Please send me suggestions  
you might have for pieces you feel are particularly  important,  
interesting, or innovative. Alternatively I'd love to see syllabi for  
related classes, grad or undergrad.

Thank you!

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