[Air-L] Web Pages and Qualitative Data Analysis

Stefano De Paoli Stefano.DePaoli at nuim.ie
Sun Aug 16 23:53:04 PDT 2009

Dear all,

we are starting Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA)of messages taken from
Internet forums that we have
saved as Web Pages (in HTML format) using the Firefox extension ScrapBook.

We are now looking for QDA software that will allow us to analyse
these Web Pages while keep the layout intact.
Our department has some licenses for NVIVO.


While in the process of importing our data into NVIVo (HTML files that

we have previously exported in PDF)  we discovered that this program
does not keep the original layout of the Web Page. From a PDF file NVIVO
just imports the text. In other words it seems that we cannot use
NVIVO for our analysis.

Surfing around the Internet we discovered that ATLAS.ti (another
QDA software) allows one to manage PDF files in a native mode (i.e. it
keeps the page layout intact).

However a single license for ATLAS costs 438 Euros (a bit
expensive), and before we buy a license we would like to
see if there are any other solutions available.

Have you ever had similar problems?
What type of software do you use for your QDA of Web Pages?
Do you have other solutions to suggest?

We look forward to your replies.



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