[Air-L] Credentials

Dominic Pinto dominic.pinto at ieee.org
Tue Aug 18 06:20:38 PDT 2009

I agree.


jeremy hunsinger wrote:
> I tend to think this is against the spirit of aoir as i've understood 
> it to some extent.   the idea should be more that... anyone with any 
> credential or none can provide you answers that are as strong as any 
> others.  in short, my position is "I'd prefer the collegiality of 
> shared knowledge over credentials any day".    some of our best 
> contributors in recent years have been undergraduate and graduate 
> students and i'd like this to continue unhindered by the burden of 
> being credentialed.
> so i'd say, no, people should not bother with credentials unless they 
> personally feel that they need to 'represent' them for whatever 
> reason.   so we can have 'both', but there should be no feeling of 
> compulsion or necessary association between credentials and expertise 
> that people should assume.
> but that's just me....
> jeremy

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