[Air-L] 2009 Elections - candidates, statements, voting instructions and schedule

Charles Ess charles.ess at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 23:44:56 PDT 2009

Dear AoIR-ists,

I'm very pleased to announce the candidates for election to the Executive
Committee, 2009-2011:

Vice President (President, 2011-2013)
    Alex Halavais
    Monica Murero 

    Catherine Middleton

    Michael Zimmer

Graduate Student Representative
    Gordon Carlson

Open Seat (please vote for three)
    Elizabeth Buchanan
    Ted Coopman
    Suely Fragoso
    Marj Kibby

You can find their statements describing their reasons for running for
election, qualifications, goals for AoIR, etc. on the AoIR blog/wiki:


You are more than welcome to add a question, comment, etc. for any specific
candidate to respond to: we hope this will serve as a lively forum for
discussion that will help everyone get to know the candidates better and
thereby help us all make informed decisions in the voting process.


* voting begins today, 19. August 2009

To make your ballot: just copy the position/candidate list above, and
eliminate the names of those you do _not_ want to vote for.

Please send your ballot to:

Lori Kendall <loriken at uiuc.edu>
(_thanks_, Lori!)

* Voting ends for four officer positions - 30. August (10 days' voting
period required by bylaws)
* Voting ends for 1 grad student and 3 open seats - 24. September (30 days'
voting period required by bylaws).

While the time and energy of many, many people make AoIR what it is - the
Executive Committee takes on much of the responsibility for the day-to-day
operations as well as larger planning and decision-making for AoIR.  The
direction, goals, and tenor of our Executive Committee for the next two
years - indeed, in the case of the Vice President who automatically becomes
President, four years - and thus of AoIR in large measure will be determined
by your vote. Please give this very important matter the time and attention
it deserves.

Many thanks to all the candidates for their willingness to take on these
crucial tasks - and many thanks to you for your attention to and
participation in this important process!

- c.

Institute for Information- and Media Studies
University of Aarhus
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8200 Århus N.
mail: <imvce at hum.au.dk>
tel: (+45) 8942 9235

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Drury University, Springfield, Missouri 65802 USA

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