[Air-L] Credentials

Mridula mridula at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 08:27:18 PDT 2009

And I thought that the debate between what is private and what is public on
the internet has been settled now!

I was wondering if someone wanted to use data from this list for their
research (no I am not planning to do it and if I were, I would bend over
backwards to get permission). That said, I have used data from tourism
message boards for a few papers.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread, and I am one of the lurkers here.



> If anything, I'd argue that it's actually *private* spaces
> where the "right" to have detailed information about other people's
> identities and backgrounds is more likely to come into play.  If you
> surprise me by showing up unexpectedly in my kitchen, for example, I
> don't think I'm out of line to demand to know who you are and why you're
> rummaging through my freezer.  But if you surprise me by showing up
> unexpectedly (from my perspective, anyway) at the corner of Washington
> and Cedar Avenues, I've got no inherent right to demand that you
> identify yourself and explain your presence.  :)
> cheers
> gil

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