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Hello Air-L!

Thank you everybody for the fast respond to my request on research on Flickr. Here below I send you the compilation of suggestions I received.

Thank you again. Have a wonderful day, Mayo

Research on Flickr: 

Edgar Gómez – doing a PhD on Flickr at Open University of Catalonia - Internet Interdisciplinary Institute and visiting research at Oxford Internet Institute:

Rachel Cobcroft – doing PhD on Flickr at Queensland State Archives / Creative Commons Australia

Eric Meyer wrote an article on Flickr:  http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1353879

Ingrid Erickson (http://www.ssrc.org/staff/erickson-ingrid/) her dissertation integrated quite a bit of research on Flickr.

Jean Burgess (Queensland University of Technology,  Australia)' work on vernacular creativity and Flickr.  Look at  CreativityMachine http://creativitymachine.net/ for some of her work,  including a significant part of her dissertation project that focused  on Flickr.

Mor Naaman studies it. A list of his publications in which you can find a few about Flickr is avaleble at: http://infolab.stanford.edu/~mor/research.html

Liza Potts <odu.edu> conducted research on Flickr. Published articles include:
Potts, L. (2009). “Using Actor Network Theory to Trace and Improve Multimodal Communication Design.” Technical Communication Quarterly, 18 (3).
Potts, L. (2009). “Designing for Disaster: Social Software Use in Times of Crisis.” International Journal of Sociotechnology and Knowledge Development. 1 (2), 33-46.
Potts, L. (2009). “Peering into Disaster: Social Software Use from the Indian Ocean Earthquake to the Mumbai Bombings.” Proceedings of the International Professional Communication Conference. Hawaii: IEEE.
Potts, L. (2008). “Designing with Actor Network Theory: A New Method for Modeling Holistic Experience.” Proceedings of the International Professional Communication Conference. Montreal: IEEE.

There was a session @ the last AOIR conference - there are some names there that
would be worth looking into, including Sigrid Jones & Søren Mørk

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