[Air-L] F2F, Hybrid, Online Efficacy Research

Charlie Balch charlie at balch.org
Thu Aug 20 16:30:47 PDT 2009

I've read much about how students claim to prefer F2F but sign up for online
classes. However, I am not much about which instructional modalities are
most effective. I'd appreciate some references regarding the comparative
efficacy of F2F, Online, and hybrid instruction.

I appreciate that many factors are involved and instructional efficacy is
not a well defined construct. I also know that hybrid classes are in

My particular interest is in comparisons of these methods for teaching
computer programming but would appreciate anything that's a good read. I'm
also interested in opinions based on experience.

For what it is worth, I find teaching completely online has the best student
learning outcomes.

Charles Balch PhD
Charles.balch at azwestern.edu
Professor of Computer Information Systems
Arizona Western College

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